Frequently Asked/Anticipated Questions

Q: Who’s allowed to submit an alien?
A: Anyone who hasn’t been in the finals of three Here Be Monsters contests. Other than that, it doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known alien architect or this will be your first contact with us and The Starfinder Roleplaying Game—you’re eligible to enter. Also, the contest is international, so you’re eligible to enter regardless of your location (PLEASE NOTE: International competitors may need to pay shipping costs for any print products they win in the contest).

Q: What kind of aliens are you looking for?
A: How you interpret the “Technology Gone Wrong” theme is up to you, but remember you’re competing with lots of other talented designers. You may want to think outside the box, as your alien could be technological, but could also cause technology to go wrong, or be the product of technology gone wrong.

You may also get some insight from the judges’ comments in previous contest, which you can find on A Sword for Hire. Jacob and Mike judged the top contenders of Here Be Monsters 2, 3 and 4,  while the original contest (you can find it in September 2014 in the older posts sidebar on the right side of the blog) featured Mike’s Splintercat entry from before he joined Swords for Hire.

Q: Can I set the alien in Golarion or another campaign setting?
A: No. We do not have the rights to use anyone’s intellectual property. Aliens should be developed to be setting neutral. 

Q: Where will my alien be published/shown?
A: The top 5 aliens will be revealed on Open Gaming Network’s Here Be Monsters page.

Q: Do I get to see the judges’ comments if I don’t make the Top 5?
A: Only comments on the Top 5 aliens will be revealed; Jacob typically offers to share his comments with any contestant who asks (this will happen AFTER the winner is revealed so as to not detract attention from the Top 5). Other judges may make the same offer.

Q: What happens with my alien after the contest?
A: We’ll be using hold monster spells to keep your aliens contained for judging, but afterward we’ll be releasing them back in to the wild (i.e. you keep all rights to your creations).