Submitted by: RJ Stewart

Umbran Technophage CR 10
XP 9,600
NE Medium Fey (Technological)
Init  + 7  Senses Low Light Vision (60 ft) Darkvision (60ft); Perception +19

EAC 23 ; KAC 25
Fort 14; Ref 14; Will 10
Defensive Abilities regeneration 2 (electricity); Resistances resist energy 5
Weakness: Vulnerable to Electricity, Vulnerable to Intense Magnetic Fields (-4 to all tasks)

Speed 30 ft
Melee Wrecking Ball +17 (4d6 + 15 B), Technological Appendages + 17 (2d6 + 15 B)
Multiattack Wrecking Ball + 11 (4d6 + 15 B), up to 3 Technological Appendages + 11 (2d6 + 15 B)
Ranged Integrated Disintegrator Rifle, Decimator + 21 (3d10 + 10 A; critical corrode 2d6, 10 shots)
Space 5 ft ; Reach 10 ft
Offensive Abilities: Nanite Cloud (30 ft Cone, 10d6 A, Fortitude DC 17 half, usable every 1d4 rounds)

Str +5 ; Dex +3 ; Con +8 ; Int +1 ; Wis +1  ; Cha +0
Skills Engineering + 24, Athletics + 19, Survival + 19
Languages Umbran Fae, Common

Other Abilities
Gear Adaptive Energy Shield (Gains resist energy 5 to the first energy damage it takes), Phase Shield (+1 EAC when active)

Environment Any
Organization Solitary, Pair, Pack (3 – 6)

Technological Appendages [Ex] An Umbran Technophage has made itself more efficient by creating an additional 1d4 + 2 arm or tentacle-like appendages attached to various parts of its body. One of them will contain a large mass that functions as their wrecking ball weapon, and others will have the phase shield and Disintegrator Rifle housed in them. These appendages can be individually targeted and removed or destroyed for 20 hp for normal appendages, or 30 hp for the wrecking ball. Removing or destroying the appendages that contain an armor upgrade or weapon will render it unusable. The appendages grant the Technophage a longer reach in combat.

Vampiric Nanites [Ex] The round after an Umbran Technophage has used its Nanite Cloud special attack, it can opt to draw those nanites back into its body as a full action to heal itself for the amount of damage dealt to a single affected opponent. If the target has cybernetic enhancements, the healing can be used to repair or replace any damaged or destroyed Technological Appendages.

Mimic Technology [Ex] When using the Vampiric Nanites ability, this effect can be used instead of healing. This will mimic any one technological device, weapon, upgrade, or cybernetic augmentation the target possesses granting the effect of that item for 1d4 turns. The Technophage will mimic defensive capabilities such as armor upgrades before weapons unless it has taken more than half its hit points in damage.

Those that know the public face of the Umbran Fae, know them as a hearty race with naturally occurring nanites that help them heal by bonding technology to their bodies. What many don’t know is what happens when one of them goes too far.

When this happens, their nanites become corrupted, as if infected by a virus. They become a creature that is after one thing, obsessed with finding more to add to its body. Shunned by society they live alone or in small groups. They never stay in these groups for long. Sometimes falling to cannibalizing or scavenging from their own kind.

Umbran Technophages don’t look like their former selves due to the affliction. Many of them start to look bulkier and have multiple appendages adhered to just about anywhere they can get a good base setup. They sometimes have claws or spikes on these appendages, using their normal arms for manipulation.

With how dangerous they can be, it’s a good thing the base Umbran Fae are no bigger than most humanoids.

In combat, the Umbran Technophage will try to maintain melee or close range, relying on its ability to spew forth a cloud of its own nanites through orifices around its body. This will allow it to heal quickly from damage sustained, or to adapt to better armor or weapons that its opponents possess.

There are some good ideas going on here, but they’re just not coming together for me. I like the nanite cloud and the abilities based off of it, but the connection between that and the fey creature type and the motives given in the description aren’t really painting a cohesive picture here. In general, I think this entry demonstrates creative ideas and a reasonable understanding of the rules, but is hampered by the actual writing. I’d recommend the author look into some technical writing resources to learn ways to more clearly present detailed information so they can better present the ideas they have to work with.

Jacob W. Michaels:
First of all, congrats on making the Top 5 of the fifth Here Be Monsters contest, our first challenge using the Starfinder Roleplaying Game rules. I like that you went for the challenge of making a fey creature. I think it’s an interesting concept, as you’ve somewhat got the original creature and then the corrupted version that you present here, which I think has plenty of storytelling abilities. I do wish we’d gotten a little more description of them — I get that they’re multi-limbed and the general size, but I don’t know if they’re humanoid in shape (only in size, which is already included in the stat block) or if they have animalistic features/anything else odd as a lot of fey do. I also can’t quite tell if they’re looking to add organic or inorganic matter to their body. That said, I think there’s plenty here for a GM to know how to run these in combat, which is important. The other judges have talked a bit about the stat block and how to present information, so I’m not going to get into the details too much. While it’s obviously important to use the arrays and present all the numbers correctly, matching that with writing that flows clearly and excites the readers is important. Little things — like you don’t need to use “will”; so instead of writing “The technophage will mimic defensive capabilities,” you can instead write “The technophase mimics defensive capabilities” — can make a big difference in the overall presentation.

Mike Welham:
Welcome to the top 5!

I am glad we got a fey creature for this contest, and I appreciate how you combined a technological aspect to it through its nanites. I like how the umbran technophage’s nanites can tear apart their victims and basically bring the pieces back to the technophage to heal it. The stat block checks out overall. It looks like you used the combatant array, and all the values follow that array. A very minor quibble, because it looks like you worked to make sure the breath weapon damage was correct: the damage should be 11d6 (1d6 + 1d6 per CR). There are a few places where the formatting needs to be cleaned up (lots of unnecessary capitalizations, missing semicolons, unusual spacing), but I can still follow the stat block.

Good luck in the voting!